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Cardano is a third generation cryptocurrency which operates on the low energy consuming Proof of Stake consensus. Delegate with BIKES, a bare-metal, single pool and help decentralize the Cardano Network.

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Take control of your Finances

Self Sovereignty

Take control of your money and have access to all of your funds 24/7 with Cardano's revolutionary liquid staking.


By staking with BIKES you don't rely on centralized third parties to handle your ADA.

Not your keys not your coins!

Interest Earning

Earn 2-5% interest on your $ADA by staking with BIKES.



Nate is the operator of BIKES. A Cardano stake pool online since January 2021, epoch 242. He works in the corporate and commercial video production, freelancing for companies all over Chicago.


BIKES came from his two passions Cardano and cycling. Racing since 2019, he's had a successful career, winning some of the toughest races & series in the country. One of the most notable being Tulsa Tough's Cry Baby Hill in 2021.

BIKES is a pool built around the passion to grow and decentralize the Cardano network. BIKES core nodes are setup on bare-metal servers in Chicago, IL with fiber. We hope to continue to re-use and use environmentally conscious nodes to run the Cardano network. With the current setup using only 100w to run 4 total nodes.

In your Cardano journey we hope you consider staking ADA with BIKES.


Already delegated or want to learn more? Join the Discord and meet our great community.

Parallel Lines

Cardano Quotes

"Cardano is an open platform that seeks to provide economic identity to the billions who lack it by providing decentralized applications to manage identity, value and governance."

Charles Hoskinson

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